Your Beauty Journey Starts Here: Affordable Financing Options Available

Are you ready to embark on your beauty journey? We believe that looking and feeling your best should be within reach for everyone. That's why we offer convenient financing options like CareCredit and Cherry to help you achieve your beauty goals without stressing about the budget. 

With our flexible payment plans, you can explore a wide range of treatments and services while keeping your finances in check. Let's make your beauty dreams a reality!



CareCredit® is a healthcare credit card that provides special financing options for medical expenses. With a CareCredit card, patients can cover their cosmetic treatments as well as a range of healthcare services, including emergency care, pharmacy costs, surgery, laboratory tests, primary care, and pet care. 
Typically, CareCredit isused for expenses not covered by health insurance, like copayments or deductibles, offering the option to delay payments for costly uninsured healthcare expenses.
How does CareCredit work? 
Patients can apply for prequalification which verifies their identity through a soft check which doesn’t affect their credit score and a prequalification offer is issued. On acceptance of the offer, their full application is submitted. A hard credit bureau inquiry then follows with a credit decision made in seconds. If approved, the credit card comes with a maximum limit of $25,000.
CareCredit provides convenient monthly payment choices, with no initial expenses, prepayment penalties, or annual fees. You can use your card over and over again for various treatments, benefiting from promotional financing options each time.



Discover Cherry! It enables ourpatients to receive treatment immediately and spread out payments over time. Cherry serves as a payment plan that grants you the flexibility to undergo treatment today and conveniently make monthly payments thereafter. With Cherry, approval takes just 60 seconds, ensuring a swift and painless process to finalize a treatment or product purchase.
Find out how Cherry works 
When you apply, Cherry conducts a soft credit check, which doesn't impact your credit score. This step confirms your identity and establishes your approval amounts. Certain borrowers may be asked to provide extra details for Cherry to determine approval amounts.
Cherry provides approvals of up to $10,000, along with low monthly payment choices, no prepayment penalties, and 0% APR if you qualify. It's important to note that Cherry functions differently from a credit card. It's an ideal choice for patients with excellent credit who are comfortable with paying a downpayment upfront and seeking the flexibility of installment payments without undergoing a hard credit inquiry.
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